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In Kurigram, the cold has set in. People who have eaten are in danger.    - dailypressjournal

In Kurigram, the cold has set in. People who have eaten are in danger.   

  • Update Time : Saturday, December 24, 2022
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In Kurigram, the cold has set in. People who have eaten are in danger.         

Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram :

The Meteorological Department is recording the lowest temperature in Kurigram.  As the winter progresses, the number of people suffering from colds in the hospital also increases. Tuhin Mia, officer-in-charge of Kurigram’s Rajarhat Agricultural Meteorological Observatory, said the minimum temperature was recorded at 12.8 degrees Celsius at 9 am on Thursday.  In the last 24 hours, the temperature has dropped to 0.5 degrees Celsius.  Meanwhile, the district is covered with thick fog from midnight to dawn.  Even after the lights are on, many times the vehicles move with their headlights on.  The hard working people are in trouble because they cannot go to work because of winter. Children and elderly suffer more in winter.  Increasing incidence of cold-related diseases is increasing the pressure on hospitals.

 Dr. Resident Medical Officer of Kurigram General Hospital.  Shahinur Rahman Sardar said that as the winter progresses, the incidence of cold-related diseases like pneumonia, dyspnea and diarrhea is increasing.  The pressure of these diseases has also increased in their hospitals. Currently, twice as many patients are taking care of the beds.  Elderly and children are the most affected. He said, “We have enough medicines.  Despite the shortage of manpower, we continue to provide services.”

Abdus Sattar, a vegetable seller at Kurigram Municipal Market, said, “I used to collect vegetables from the fields in the early morning in the cold of Konkan.  But buyers don’t meet until the sun comes up.  I am in financial trouble due to reduced sales.” Hossain, a rickshaw driver in the area, said, “Due to severe winter and thick fog, there are not many people on the road until 9:00-10:00 in the morning.  So I don’t even get rent.  I also find it very difficult to go out in this cold.  But I have to run the family, so I went out ignoring everything.” 

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