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Handicapped youths got wheelchairs with the help of Dr. Rifat, a peddler of humanity. - dailypressjournal

Handicapped youths got wheelchairs with the help of Dr. Rifat, a peddler of humanity.

  • Update Time : Wednesday, March 1, 2023
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Handicapped youths got wheelchairs with the help of Dr. Rifat, a peddler of humanity.

A. zalil, Staff Reporter:

People for people life for life Who can’t get a little sympathy? And friends are for people. Md. Omar Farooq, a crippled youth of Satmile Jible Tala Mat Para area of Sharsha Upazila Baganchra Union of Jessore, was eager to get a hand from door to door to get a new wheel chair. And as a part of the inspiration of that desire, Morifat Hossain, a doctor working in the dental department of the renowned Nova Medical Center of Jessore, came to the side for the people. Sharsha set an example of mambata by arranging a new wheel chair for the crippled youth named Omar Farak of Tala Mat Para area in Satmile Jible of Baganchra Union. The crippled young man’s name is Omar Farak (45) and he is the elder son of Md Ali Akbar of Satmail Jible Tala Math Para area of Sharsha Upazila of Jessore. Currently, she is reaching out to people to get a good wheelchair, along with door-to-door help to survive on the broken wheelchair she has nearby. But who listens to whom suddenly meets a journalist named Azalil in Baganchra Bazar. And hearing that incident, tears came to his eyes, he is the eldest among the three brothers, but in a cruel irony of fate, he fell from a tree while breaking leaves for goats and broke his spine. But unfortunately, his special need at the moment is a new wheelchair. However, when the matter of the broken wheelchair that he had was published on the journalist Azalil’s own Facebook ID and in various online print media newspapers, it came to the attention of Dr. Rifat Hossain, who is considered as a peddler of humanity, and with the help of journalist Azalil, the peddler of humanity turned the disabled youth into a reality by arranging a new wheelchair. Dr. Rifat Hossain. On Tuesday 28/2/23, Doctor Rifat Hossain of the dental department of Jessore Nova Medical, local social worker Shamchur Zaman Khokon, journalists Azalil, Abu Saeed, Asaduzzaman Nayan, Zillur Rahman, Saifuzzaman took into account the humane conduct of Omar Farooq, who was helpless and starving. In the presence of local dignitaries including Montu, ABS Rony, the disabled youth was given a new wheelchair in front of Baganchra Press Club. Finally, on behalf of the disabled young man’s family, he prayed for Dr. Rifat Hossain, who is considered a peddler of humanity in the court of God Almighty. sender Azalil

Dr. couple’s son Shaolin got scholarship in talent pool in Sharsha Baganchra primary.

A. zalil, staff reporter

Azmain Zarif Shaolin, the son of Dr. couple, got scholarship from Baganchra Government Primary School, Sharsha, Jessore in the primary education final examination held in 2022. Shaolin is the older of the parents’ two children. Her younger sister’s name is Tahasina Zarif Sejuti. Baganchra is a brilliant student of second class of Darul Aman Shiksha Sadan. Father Habibur Rahman Habib. He is an orthopedic surgeon by profession. Mother Gynecologist Dr. Nazmun Nahar Rani. Dr Dampati is considered as a peddler of humanity. Shaunil is seeking prayers from everyone so that he can continue his streak of good results in the future. Note that on Tuesday (February 28) the scholarship results of 2022 primary school students have been released. 82 thousand 383 students from all over the country received scholarships based on good results in this examination. Among them 33 thousand in talent pool and 49 thousand 383 in general grade. Finally, the doctor requested everyone to pray for the couple’s son.


A. zalil

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