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Government is depriving crores of revenue due to lack of sub register of sub registry office in Sonargaon. - dailypressjournal

Government is depriving crores of revenue due to lack of sub register of sub registry office in Sonargaon.

  • Update Time : Sunday, January 8, 2023
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Government is depriving crores of revenue due to lack of sub register of sub registry office in Sonargaon.

After transfer of sub register of Sonargaon sub registry office of Narayanganj district next to Capital Dhaka, the sale of land is closed. Sonargaon with an area of ​​171.02 square kilometers (66.03 square miles) has 10 unions and 1 municipality.  Among them there are numerous small and large industrial factories in Pirojpur, Kanchpur and Bardi among other unions and municipalities. It can be seen in the light of last 2022 registration an average of 150 to 180 land registrations are done in the registration office every day. Land registration earns crores of revenue to the government. The government is deprived of crores of revenue due to lack of registration officers in the registry office to collect government revenue. As time goes on, the government is deprived of revenue. On the other hand, the general public of Sonargaon along with the companies are worried.

According to the notification of the Ministry of Law, on 7th December 2022, the transfer order was given to Mr. Bazlur Rahman Mandal. He last served till December 15, 2022. According to the said date, on the last 22nd December 2022 and 5th January 2023, 2500 registration officer Azgar Ali worked at Sonargaon registration office for two days. The said officer did not register any documents except for name registration and deposit fee.  However sub kabla and am moktarnama deed registration is mandatory. It should be noted that in case of ownership according to RS, registration is not required and in case of deed original ownership, registration is mandatory. Other Deeds Declaration of Deeds, Deeds of Donation, Bills of Exchange, Deeds of Exchange Distribution No receipt of nominal deposit is required for registration of Deeds.  However, the deed was not registered and the government lost billions of rupees in revenue.  As a result, all activities of Sonargaon Sub Registry Office are closed. Since then no sub registrar has served in this office.  Not being able to buy and sell land, many have faced various problems to meet various expenses including medical expenses. After discussing the above matter with the deed writers of Sonargaon Upazila Sub Registry Office, it is known that no registration officer has been appointed in the office so the deed registry is closed. District Registrar Mohammad Jamilur Rahman said the post is vacant due to transfer. The appointment of this position is the work of the secretariat. Resolution of problems from the secretariat will be appointed to this post soon. Registration work will continue at Sonargaon sub registrar office for two days during the period.  I will try to appoint someone to this position quickly.

Ulfat Kabir, Sonargaon

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