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Divisional Commissioner Sabirul Islam inaugurated the land museum in Kurigram. - dailypressjournal

Divisional Commissioner Sabirul Islam inaugurated the land museum in Kurigram.

  • Update Time : Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Divisional Commissioner Sabirul Islam inaugurated the land museum in Kurigram.
Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram –
Kurigram inaugurated the land museum.  This museum was inaugurated to expand digital land management.
On Thursday (November 24) Rangpur Divisional Commissioner Md Sabirul Islam inaugurated the old building of ancient civilization located in Kurigram Municipal Land Office premises as land museum.  Also present at this time were Kurigram District Commissioner Mohammad Rezaul Karim, Superintendent of Police Md Al Asad Mahfuzul Islam, Kurigram Sadar Upazila Executive Officer Rashedul Hasan and all the upazila executive officers.
During the inauguration of the land museum, chief guest Rangpur Divisional Commissioner Md. Sabirul Islam said that the land management of our country is very ancient.  In this museum, the new generation can actually learn about the land management of ancient times and the role of management in the digital age.  I hope this land museum will preserve the heritage of Kurigram for ages.
Janata Banker public loan distribution and collection program celebrated in Kurigram.
Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram : 24.11.2022
Public loan distribution and collection program of Janata Bank was celebrated in Kurigram.  Loan disbursement and collection program was held at Janata Bank Limited Trimohani Bazar branch office on Thursday afternoon.
Kurigram Sadar Upazila Nibarhi Officer Rashedul Hasan was present as the chief guest in the loan distribution and collection ceremony.  Janata Bank Limited Kurigram Area Assistant General Manager Sushant Kumar Roy and Kurigram Sadar Upazal PIO Md. Fizanur Rahman were present as special guests.  Janata Bank Limited Kurigram Area Assistant General Manager Distribution and Debt Collector (Area Incharge) A, K, M, Samchul Alam presided over the event.  Mitali Rani Saha, manager of Janata Bank Limited Trimohani Bazar branch was under overall supervision.  Bank officers and employees and branch customers were present on the occasion.  At this time, public debt distribution and debt collection programs were carried out.  Later, gift Swarap tree saplings were distributed among the present loan payers and customers from Janata Bank Limited Trimohani Bazar branch.  Public loan disbursement and debt collection program was celebrated on the initiative of Janata Bank Limited Trimohani Bazar branch.
In Kurigram’s Phulbari, three children of the same family are affected by thalassemia, the father urges to save the children.
Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram –
“Chhwagula can’t bear the suffering!  Save Omakgulak.  Moi no parang na”.  Day laborer Rafiqul Islam of central Rabaitari village of Bhangamore Union of Phulbari said these words in a tearful voice.  3 of his 4 children are affected by thalassemia. He has nothing to support him except a shed in the dwelling house of only one and a half percent of the land.  He is spending the day with his wife and four children.  He is living an inhumane life with three sick children by selling money and lending money to people.  Tormented by the cruel blows of fate, Rafiqul sometimes looks up at the sky and speaks in a mumbled manner.  Hearing his painful words, a helpless father’s cry erupted.
Four sons of Rafiqul Islam.  First son Abu Hasan (23), second son Abu Hossain (20), third son Hasu Mia (16).  These three boys are suffering from thalassemia since birth.  Only all the younger boys (10) are still healthy.  Despite their age, all three boys look like children in appearance and shape.  A month ago, the elder son Abu Hasan was operated on at Rangpur Medical College Hospital by begging from door to door of people including various educational institutions, markets and bazaars.  About one and a half lakh rupees have been spent on the operation.  He came home from the hospital a week ago.  Not fully recovered yet.  Abu Hossain, a table boy, is sick and works in another shop in the neighboring Battala market for a monthly salary of Tk 2,000.  The second son Abu Hossain and the third son Hasu Mia have to donate a bag of blood every month.  The doctor said that it is very important to operate these two as soon as possible.
Due to lack of money, the education of three sons has stopped long ago.  With some of his own money, he went to various areas including relatives, neighbors and begged for the treatment of his son and spent about 3.5 lakh rupees.  Seeing the plight of the family, with the help of the locals, they got a rice ration card worth 15 taka per kg.  There are no public-private facilities.  It is impossible for him to raise the money for the treatment of the boys.
Rafiqul said, “Chhwagula can’t bear the suffering, save Omakgulak. “Tucker stops treating the boys for want.  It is not possible to give the blood of two boys every month.”
So, to save the children, Rafiqul has asked for the help of the good-hearted people of the society and the government for the good treatment of the children.  Bikash number to send help (Abu Hasan 01324132314).
Upazila Health and PP Officer Dr. Suman Kanti Saha said, Thalassemia is a hereditary blood disease.  Patients with this disease have to give blood to the body.  Although there is no cure, this disease can be controlled with the treatment of a specialist doctor. Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Suman Das said that cooperation will be done through the Department of Social Services by contacting the affected family.

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