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Benapole-Petrapole Nomansland is holding a meeting of two Bengali language lovers. - dailypressjournal

Benapole-Petrapole Nomansland is holding a meeting of two Bengali language lovers.

  • Update Time : Wednesday, February 22, 2023
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Benapole-Petrapole Nomansland is holding a meeting of two Bengali language lovers. A.zalil, Staff Reporter:-
A meeting of thousands of language lovers of two Bengals is held at Benapole-Petrapole Nomansland in Jessore. The language of two people of Bengal, forgetting a geographical boundary, the two people of Bengal presented the victory song of Bengali language on the same stage only with the pull of language. On the occasion of the International Mother Language Day celebration, two Bengali language lovers from Bengal spent this Tuesday at Benapole International Check Post Nomansland. As we speak Bengali, our soul cries for the people of Bangladesh. That’s why I repeatedly rush to the side of the Bengali Bengali speaking people of the two countries. The language day was brought together by ‘Apar-Opar’. India-Bangladesh paid joint tributes to the martyrs. The makeshift martyr’s altar built in the frontier noman’s land was filled with flowers. Like every year, the memory of language martyrs was honored by placing wreaths at the temporary Shaheed Minar at Benapole Check Post Nomansland at 10 am on Tuesday. Distribution of sweets, discussion and singing of songs are the same sky and the same wind of two Bengals. The public representatives of both the countries said that there is cordiality and harmony. Thousands of language lovers from both countries gathered around this event. Various social and cultural organizations of both countries participated in this event. The Nomansland area is colorfully decorated with the national flags of the two countries, festoons of different colors, banners, placards, and flowers. In this meeting of the people of two Bengals, a mood of enthusiasm was created among the border residents of both the countries. Every year the residents of this part of the border of the two Bengals get together and celebrate the day with sweetness of heart. Then there is one in that place between the borders of the two countries An emotional atmosphere is created. Hug each other to forget all the differences for some time. Flower garlands, misty and national flags were exchanged by many emotional people of both the countries. At the pulse of Bengali, one hugged the other and cried. A meeting between the two people of Bengal. At this time, thousands of men and women gathered at the Petrapol-Benapole check post. Even for a moment, the international border is suspended. On Tuesday 21/2/23 Tang at 9 o’clock the Minister of Food and Supplies of the State Government of West Bengal Shri Jyoti Priya Mallik, MLA Biswajit Das, MLA Mrs. Veena Mandal, Banggao Municipal Mayor Shri Gopal Shed, former MP Mamata Tagore led by hundreds of Bengali speaking people from India. Bangladeshis welcome each other by sprinkling flower petals and sweets. Government officials including public representatives of both countries paid their respects to the martyrs by laying the first flowers at the temporary Martyr’s Altar in Nomansland. Swapan Bhatracharya, Minister of State for Local Rural Development and Cooperatives of the Government of Bangladesh, Shri Jyoti Priya Mallick, Minister of Food and Supply of West Bengal, India, special guest Sheikh Afil Uddin, Member of Parliament of Jessore-1 Constituency 85, President of the 21 Celebration Committee, Upazila Chairman Vir Muktijoddha Sirajul Haque Manju, Abdul Hakeem ( Commissioner, Customs House, Benapole) Md Selimuzzaha 49 Border Guard BGB Jessore, Abdul Jalil, Director Traffic Administration, Benapole Land Port, Nishat Al Nahian Assistant Superintendent of Police Navaran Circle Jessore and Principal Ibrahim Khalil (Joint General Secretary Sharsha Upazila A.League, Former Member of Parliament of Jhikargacha Chowgacha Monirul Islam, General Secretary of Jhikargacha Upazila Awami League Mucha Mahmud, Benapole Municipal Awami League President Enamul Haque Mukul, General Secretary Nasir Uddin, Sharsha Upazila Jubo League President Ahidul Islam, Benapole Port Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md. Kamal Hossain Bhuia, Sharsha Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md. Akiqul Islam, Immigration Police Officer-in-Charge Hasan Habib , chairman of various union councils, Sudhijan, journalists, social and political dignitaries. Various social and cultural organizations of both the countries participated in the event along with Special Guest of India Mr. Shankar Adhaya, Mayor of Bangao Municipal Council, Gopal Shed, Mentor of Ur 24 Parganas District. Thousands of language lovers celebrate the day jointly by hoisting the national flags of the two countries. At that time, the two Bengali people lost the bond of Bengali due to the pull of language and became united by their emotions. It was understood from the speeches of the two Bengali guests present at the event that the foundation of cordial relations between the two countries is still intact. After that, Indian ministers and other leaders were brought to the Bangladesh check post stage. Remembering with respect the contribution of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib in the language movement of 1952 and the freedom war of 1971, the speakers said that democracy has started to develop under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Militancy-terrorism has raised its head today. Under the leadership of two countries, this militancy-terrorism will be eradicated. Their language and the sacrifice of language martyrs will strengthen the foundation of cordial relations existing between our two countries. Municipal Council Mayor Shri Gopal Shade said, you have given your life for the language. He sacrificed his life for freedom. There is no other example of such sacrifice for language and freedom in the world. You are a proud nation for this. With the pull of language, we rushed to Bangladesh to celebrate twenty one. The friendship between the two countries will be stronger through the meeting of the people of the two Bengals. I came because of my heart. Come running again and again. Even though the country was divided, the language did not change. Even though we are on the other side, we respect all language soldiers including Shaheed Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar. one Poetry recitations, rhymes, ballads, discussions and musical performances are organized on the stage of Usher. In the event, two well-known artists of Bengal performed and covered the music of 21. In memory of language martyrs, the meeting of language lovers ended with the determination to strengthen the bond of love between the people of two Bengals. Unprecedented security was taken throughout the event. Strictness was imposed on the two borders. Benapole Petrapole Checkpost to prevent anyone from entering BGB and BSF have deployed additional personnel on the two borders. The BGB and BSF have established a tight security system with bamboo fences at the border crossings to prevent illegal entry. However, for several years, two Bengali language lovers have been celebrating Mother Language Day in the Nomansland of Benapole Checkpost, the country’s largest land port.
Staff reporter
A consignment of buffaloes has been imported from India through Benapole port.
A.zalil, Staff Reporter:-
A consignment of buffaloes has been imported from India through Benapole port for milk production. On Sunday (February 19) evening, 64 large and small buffaloes in 5 Indian trucks entered Benapole through Petrapol port in India. The buffaloes are imported from Haryana, India. According to customs and port sources, the buffaloes will go to the buffalo development project farm at Fakirhat in Bagerhat. When a tender was issued for the import of 32 buffaloes and 32 buffalo calves (breeding) for milk production, Dhaka importer Gentech International Ltd. imported these buffaloes from India. India’s exporting company is Noreal Dairy Farm. Sharsha Upazila Livestock Officer Vinay Krishna Mandal said that the buffaloes will be taken to the buffalo development project farm in Fakirhat area of Bagerhat. The buffaloes were found to be good after initial health check. Clearance has been duly issued after collection of Government duty of Animal Husbandry Department. Benapole Checkpost Customs Cargo Branch Revenue Officer Sheikh Enam Hossain confirmed the authenticity of buffalo import and said that a C&F agent named Mukti Enterprise filed the necessary documents on Sunday afternoon to clear the buffaloes from Benapole Customs House. whose bill of entry is No-C-13226. Exemption will be given after examination and tolling. The import price of buffalo has been announced at 61 thousand 844 US dollars. There is no import duty on this buffalo. However, permission from the livestock department must be taken. It should be noted that earlier on May 9, 2018, 100 buffaloes were imported through Benapole. Milkvita Company of Sirajgagya imported 50 buffaloes and 50 buffalo calves (breeding) from India for milk production. sender, Azalil


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