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Allegations against Nandigram journalist Nazrul are baseless. - dailypressjournal

Allegations against Nandigram journalist Nazrul are baseless.

  • Update Time : Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Allegations against Nandigram journalist Nazrul are baseless.

Bogra Bureau:

All the allegations made by a person against Nandigram journalist Nazrul Islam Daya in a press conference at Bogra Press Club are baseless and conspiracy. Journalist’s father Abdur Razzak of Ridhail Kaigari village of Upazila held a counter press conference on Wednesday afternoon stating that the journalist had personally attacked and defamed the family. It is said that Abdur Rahim, the son of Rehmatullah of Kaigari village, made false allegations in a press conference at Bogra Press Club on Tuesday. He is a drug dealer, his brother Ghulam Rasool sells aphrodisiac tablets and narcotic drugs with doctor before his name. Golam Rasool is not a doctor. The person who did not go to the balcony of the school, Nazmul Huda, pretended to be the president of the press club and extorted money. Mizanur Rahman and Noornavi Islam were present at the press conference at Nandigram Upazila Press Club. In a written statement, Abdur Razzak said that his father Ahmed Ali’s Koigari has been occupying 90 percent of the land near Sonarpara-Sherpur road in Deed No. 1023 of 1/3/74 for a long time. By searching the property records, you will find that the properties are registered in the name of different persons. A case has been filed in the Bogur court in this regard. which is subject to judgment. 10 percent of the land near Sherpur Road has been recorded in the name of Abul Akhtar. Although there is no record of that place in the name of Rahmatullah, Rahim, Golam, they are trying to take over the place by force. On November 25th and 26th, after the paddy-threshing, the Rahims set fire to the haystacks kept by two other people and made false accusations against the journalist’s family. If there are two complaints from both parties in the police station, the police have taken legal action regarding the two complaints. He mentioned in the press conference that his elder son journalist Nazrul Islam Daya has been doing journalism with reputation for 15 years, he is not a police source. Due to his educational qualifications, he is serving in paid employment as Chief Correspondent in National Daily. No case has been filed against him in the police station, but there has been misinformation that he has been arrested. His son’s 15-year journalistic career has been damaged by various baseless allegations and the family’s honor has been killed. Recently, journalist Nazrul has published several crime reports including collecting extra fare at a market in Nandigram upazila. Since then it has been claimed that a group is conspiring. Abdur Rahim and Golam Rasool’s comments were not available when contacted in this regard. However, the officer in charge (OC) of the police station mentioned that there was a GD at the police station on November 28 regarding the attempt to frame the journalist. Anwar Hossain said, investigation is being done. The police did not act on behalf of anyone. As there is a case in court regarding the said property, both parties are advised to resolve the matter through court.

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