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After 6 years the X-ray machine became operational - dailypressjournal

After 6 years the X-ray machine became operational

  • Update Time : Tuesday, January 3, 2023
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After 6 years the X-ray machine became operational.

M Ariful Islam Tapu,

Natore district representative :

After 6 long years X-ray machine was launched at Bagatipara Upazila Health Complex in Natore. It is known that five years ago, when the old X-ray machine broke down, the hospital authorities applied to UNO. Then in February 2021, X-ray machine was purchased at a cost of Tk 16 lakh 63 thousand 43 with the help of local government and JICA. The x-ray machine brought under the upazila management and development project remained in the hospital balcony for 19 months due to various problems in its installation. Later, the allocation of Tk 11 lakh was increased again and the machine was installed in a specific room of the hospital on September 12 last year. However, the machine was installed but could not be operated for another 4 months due to shortage of parts. The machine was finally launched on January 2. Before this, on August 26 last year, news was published in different media under the title of ’18 months washed boxed X-ray machine’. Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Abdur Razzak said that although the machine was installed after 19 months of purchase, the company removed a part of the machine because the company that bought it had lakhs of taka left. So even though the machine was built, it could not be started for several months. He also said that from now patients can easily get X-ray services by paying a government fee of Tk 70 for chest X-ray and Tk 55 for broken arms and legs. M. Ariful Islam Tapu

NATORE representative

Date- 03-01-2022 AD

Mob: 01719-218635

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