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Whip Panchanan Biswas visited Mahanam Yajna of Bajua, Dakop, Khulna. - dailypressjournal

Whip Panchanan Biswas visited Mahanam Yajna of Bajua, Dakop, Khulna.

  • Update Time : Monday, February 20, 2023
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Whip Panchanan Biswas visited Mahanam Yajna of Bajua, Dakop, Khulna.

Md. Shamim Hossain-

Khulna In Bajua, Dakop, Khulna, the 43rd annual 56-hour-long Mahanama Yajna began on 13th February 2023 at Bajua Khutakhali Arya Hari Sabha Angan in a festive atmosphere and with religious solemnity. Arya visited the Arya Hari Yagya arena in Bajua on Sunday February 19, the last day of the Mahanam Yagya, and exchanged greetings with the devotees. Khulna-1 Constituency Member of Parliament and Whip Panchanan Biswas. Newly formed President of Dakop Upazila Awami League and former Chairman of Upazila Parishad Alhaj Sheikh Abul Hossain, Senior Vice President Sheikh Yuvraj, Newly formed General Secretary of Upazila Awami League and UP Chairman Binay Krishna Roy, Member of Khulna Zilla Parishad Sarojit Kumar Roy, Chilan Municipal Mayor Sanat Kumar were present. Upazila Awami League leaders including Biswas, UP Chairman Manas Kumar Roy, UP Chairman Mihir Kumar Mandal. Like every year, the Arya Hari Sabha arena is resounding with the great name of the renowned Kirtan team from different parts of the country in Bajua. Like every year, the Arya Hari Sabha arena is filled with the arrival of thousands of devotees from different parts of the country.

In Bajua, Dakop, Khulna, farmers are tending to early watermelon cultivation, women are not lagging behind, working in harmony with men in watermelon cultivation.
Md. Shamim Hossain –
Khulna In Bajua, Dakop, Khulna, farmers are inclined to early watermelon cultivation, women are not lagging behind, they are working in watermelon cultivation along with men. It is known that the farmers of Khulna Dakop are leaning towards watermelon cultivation in view of the upcoming month of Ramadan. Farmers have started watermelon cultivation as soon as the Boro paddy season ends. In order not to suffer losses this year too, farmers have taken to early watermelon cultivation. It is known that the farmers of Bajua area of Dakop upazila of Khulna have started watermelon cultivation. They prepared the land and sowed the seeds in the modern way. Their aim is to sell in the upcoming month of Ramadan. Going to Bajua Bill Sarizmin, it can be seen that the farmers are sowing the seeds prepared in the land for watermelon cultivation. Some are producing watermelon seedlings in the modern way and planting them in the ground when the seedlings are one and a half to two inches long. Agriculture officials say that last year in Dakop upazila watermelon was cultivated on 7 thousand 605 hectares of land. Farmers started watermelon cultivation without wasting time after paddy cultivation. Watermelon cultivation may be more this year than last year. Ranjit Roy, a watermelon grower in Bill, said, I cultivated watermelon on 11 bigha of land last year. But due to various problems could not see the face of profit. Last year, after Boro paddy was uprooted, the yield of watermelon planted by Nabi was good, but later thousands of watermelons were lost in the field. He also said that this year I have started watermelon cultivation in advance on that 11 bigha land. I have already sown the seeds in the land. I have also planted cultivated seedlings in some places. Now watering and maintenance work is going on. If the yield is good, I can sell the watermelons of this 11 bigha land for Tk 12-14 lakhs. Another farmer Debu said, I have cultivated watermelon in 10 bigha of land this year. No profit last year. As the month of Ramadan has ended, large watermelons have been wasted in the fields. Like last year, I am doing early cultivation this year so that there is no loss this year. Seedlings planted in the ground exceed three inches. Taking good care of watermelon plants. This year all the farmers in the area are cultivating watermelon in advance. So it can be said that farmers are spending busy time in watermelon cultivation in Dakop countryside. No peasant family is sitting at home. They are working with women and children. After preparing the land, now they are spending busy time in caring for the fodder including seed sowing. However, since the price of fertilizer and seeds is high this time, they are worried. The image of various bill areas on the surface. Farmers of the area said that due to the good yield of watermelon in the previous years, farmers have become more interested in watermelon cultivation this year. Watermelon farmers are cultivating the land and sowing the seeds before the harvest of Aman paddy is over. But this year, the prices of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides are higher than last year, so the farmers have to suffer. In the meantime, the farmers have complained that the fertilizer dealers are selling fertilizers at higher prices by forming a syndicate to make the farmers of the area more interested in watermelon cultivation. It was found to be true after searching. It is known that traders are selling fertilizers at high prices in various markets of Chalan Sadar and Bajua Union. Besides, the price of seeds in the market is also very high. Dakop Upazila Agriculture Officer agriculturist Mehedi Hasan said that last year the farmers were inclined to early watermelon cultivation this year due to losses. If the weather is favorable, there will be a good yield of watermelon. And since there will be a demand for watermelons in the month of Ramadan, we hope that they will be able to make a profit by selling watermelons at a good price. And if anyone sells fertilizers, seeds and pesticides at high prices in the market, strict action will be taken against them.

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