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The water layer is going down in Khulna - dailypressjournal

The water layer is going down in Khulna

  • Update Time : Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Md. Shamim Hossain- Khulna
The underground water layer of Khulna city is going down. About 3 meters (9.84 ft) has fallen in seven years. Several organizations including Khulna Wasa claim that the layer is falling due to three reasons. Among the reasons are the decrease in rainfall in the Khulna area, installation of deep tube wells without following norms and increasing use of submersibles. Apart from this, unplanned extraction of water from underground is also having an adverse effect on the layer. Illegal water factories (bottling water from deep tube wells) in the city are uncontrolled. Factories are extracting millions of liters of water from underground every day. Even if the administration conducts operations, they cannot be stopped. According to various sources, three regional water layers are measured in 31 wards of the city. Along the river, upland areas (Dakbungalow, Mylapota, Khalishpur, Daulatpur) and low-lying areas (wetlands, Khulna University area, Abu Nasser Hospital Mor area, various canals). In 2013-14, the area had between 750-1050 feet layer for deep tube well water. In 2022 it was between 900-1100 feet. According to AOCED, a water research organization, 16,500 submersible machines were sold in Khulna in 2021. According to WASA list, there are 10 thousand 700 tube wells in the city. But in reality the number of tube wells is 20-30 thousand. The city’s daily drinking water demand is 4 million gallons, sewage water demand is 1.5 million gallons and domestic water demand is 1 million gallons. This amount of water is not able to provide water. As a result common people have increased the use of pond water, deep tube wells and submersibles. AOSED Executive Director Shamim Arfeen said that the main reason for the water table in the city to go down is the use of deep tube wells and submersibles. BSTI and Department of Environment need to be more aware of this. Besides, if the common citizens are not aware, it is not possible to stabilize the water layer in any way. He also said that water produced from illegal water factories is very dangerous.
According to WASA sources, 40,000 holdings in the city are currently taking their water. But the holding is 75 thousand. Water collection from WASA designated deep tube wells and submersibles has reduced by 70 percent. They are supplying water through under river water as per the demand of the customers. Managing Director of Khulna Wasa. Abdullah said, in Ward No. 14 of the city, from 2015 to 2022, it was found that the water level has dropped by 3 meters. The main reason for this is the decrease in rainfall in the region, the use of deep tube wells and submersibles. He claimed that under river water is being supplied by WASA. We have the capacity to supply 7 crore liters of water per day. The use of deep tube wells and submersibles has reduced considerably. It needs to be more controlled. According to BSTI sources, there are eight legal water factories in the city. However, raids have been conducted against those who are doing business by extracting water from underground. Illegal establishments have been fined.

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