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RAB's operation in Khulna seized 24 shrimps. - dailypressjournal

RAB’s operation in Khulna seized 24 shrimps.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, January 17, 2023
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RAB’s operation in Khulna seized 24 shrimps.

Mushfiqur Rahman Mahedi, khulna –
In Khulna RAB 6 operation, RAB seized 24 maunds of jelly-pushed shrimps. Meanwhile, three
businessmen were fined a total of 84 thousand taka.
On Saturday, January 14 at 11:30 pm, the operation was conducted based on the information of the
intelligence team of RAB 6’s special company. Raju, the owner of M/s Rupali Fees, was fined Rs
30,000 for violating Rule 4(4) of the Fisheries and Fishery Products Control (Inspection and Quality
Control) Rules 1997 (Amended Rules-2008) by pushing adulterants in shrimps by conducting a
mobile court comprising the Senior Upazila Fisheries Officer of Rupsa. A fine of Rs. Apart from this,
Bhajan Biswas, the owner of M/s Arpan Biswas, was fined 240000, Shyamal Das 30000, a total of
84000 Tk. During the operation of the mobile court, 24 prawns stuffed with jelly were seized.
The seized adulterated prawns were destroyed in the presence of the Fisheries Officer and the fines
were paid promptly by the persons concerned and deposited in the government treasury as per

Even if there are no students, the teachers are sitting and taking salary.

Khulna District Representative :

No student has been admitted to the voluntary branch of Gobra Dakhil Madrasa of Koyra Upazila in Khulna in five years, but the teachers of the voluntary branch are receiving regular salary and allowance.

Gobra Dakhil Madrasah in Koyra Sadar Union has Dakhil and Ebtedayi branch since 2001.  Although there are no students as per Dakhil branch rules, no student has been admitted to the Ebetedai   branch in 5 years. As there are 5 primary schools in three villages within one kilometer of the Madrasa, no student is admitted to the Ebetedai   branch of Gobra Dakhil Madrasa.

The parents of students in the area claim that there are 10 to 12 students in the first to 5th grade on paper, but in reality there is not a single student. The students of the area have not held classes for five years and are getting all the facilities including government salaries and allowances.  Four teachers.

Not only the students, but there is a playground in the madrasa, the students of Dakhil branch complained that they grow grass and sell it in the madrasa super ground without allowing the students to play. Locals complained that the superintendent Raich Uddin beat them if the students did not play sports and study in the madrasa field.  Residents said that many fights with the parents took place due to the beating of the students in the classroom by Superintendent  Mawlana Raich Uddin.

A 10th class student who did not want to be named said, due to the cultivation of grass in the madrasa grounds, we are not allowed to play sports on the ground, as a result of which we can never win in various sports competitions at the upazila level.

 Md. Mostafizur Rahman Gazi, President of Madrasa’s Managing Committee, said, “I do not know about the number of students in the Ebetedai   branch, but I will find out the number of students.”

In this regard, Gobra Dakhil Madrasa Superintendent Raic Uddin said, “I am not sure about how many students there are in the contributing branch, but there may be 10-12 students, but I am not sure. There is no branch called contributing branch, with first to 5th class Dakhil.  We have instructions that there will be 16 teachers for 250 students and there is no problem if there are no students in any class.

Upazila secondary education officer said.  Baki Billah said, “I don’t know about the lack of students. Necessary measures will be taken after finding out about it and talking to the senior officer.”

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