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RAB arrested fake note dealer with equipment in Khulna. - dailypressjournal

RAB arrested fake note dealer with equipment in Khulna.

  • Update Time : Wednesday, January 11, 2023
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RAB arrested fake note dealer with equipment in Khulna.

BM Rakib Hasan, Khulna :

A team of RAB 6 headquarters company arrested two persons with equipment for making fake notes in Khulna. A large amount of fake notes and manufacturing materials were recovered from them during the operation. Monday 9 They were arrested from Aranghata police station area in Khulna in January. The arrested gang members are Md Saiful Zaman and Md Zahidul Islam. Khulna on Tuesday in this regard In the press conference held in the conference room of RAB 6, it is known that for a long time, this cycle includes Khulna This activity is actively being carried out in different places. Counterfeit notes with the hope of gaining illegal profits By making it and spreading it in different parts of the country, they cheated the common people and profited financially being After receiving such information, the raiding party started investigating the shadow. In continuation of this, the members of the money making circle came to know about him through secret news on Monday It is located in Aranghata police station area of the city. They received such news at around 1:20 PM They were raided and arrested. At this time 10 lakhs of cash worth 1000 taka from them Recovered fake currency notes. According to their confession, that day around 2.30 am of Phultala upazila RAB raided Damodar Sahapara area. Making fake notes from their rented house there They discovered the factory. 4 lakh 83 thousand fake notes in cash from there during the operation 2 Printers, 1 Machine, 7 Counterfeiting Dies, Fabical Glue 2 Hair Dryers with Salvage 1, 300 pitches of water-printed paper, 20 color flower seals, 20 different liquid colors and mesh Note making 2 Cut white paper is recovered. Besides, Khulna RAB captain Lt. Col. Mushtaq Ahmed said: There are 20 members of this circle Planned to make fake notes of Rs. At the cow market during trade fairs and sacrifices They had set a target to make huge amount of fake notes. Recovered fake notes and The process of handing over the arrested accused to the concerned police station is underway.

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