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No one should use Maulana Bhasani: Momin Mehdi. - dailypressjournal

No one should use Maulana Bhasani: Momin Mehdi.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, December 13, 2022
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No one should use Maulana Bhasani: Momin Mehdi.

Suman Khan:

Nahidhara Bangladesh NDB Chairman Momin Mehdi said, these days many parties and individuals are seen as a means of coming to power and keeping them, I am appealing to the unscrupulous parties and individuals – do not use Maulana Bhasani. He said the above in a discussion meeting organized on the occasion of Maulana Bhasani’s birthday yesterday on December 12 at 4 pm. In the meeting held at the central office, Presidium Member Bir Muktijoddha Krishakbandhu Abdul Mannan Azad, Fazlul Haque, Senior Vice Chairman Shanta Farzana, Acting Secretary General Nipun Mistry, Talea Ahmed, Organizing Secretary Wazed Rana, Member Rubel Akand etc. spoke. Momin Mehdi severely criticized the various political platforms and individuals who fell away from Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani’s political ideology and said, “There is no policy, no ideology, one side is brokering to keep the ruling party in power by selling the name of Maulana Bhasani to share the halwa-roti politically. brokering to bring former rulers to power; However, they have no problem with the demands of students and youth. If not Maulana Bhasani’s family successor, as a representative of his political integrity, I humbly request everyone to say ‘no’ to the politics of selling Bhasani.

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