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NCD Corner of Khulna Dakop Upazila Health Complex inaugurated by Whip Panchanan Biswas. - dailypressjournal

NCD Corner of Khulna Dakop Upazila Health Complex inaugurated by Whip Panchanan Biswas.

  • Update Time : Sunday, February 26, 2023
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NCD Corner of Khulna Dakop Upazila Health Complex inaugurated by Whip Panchanan Biswas.

Md. Shamim Hossain –

Khulna NCD Corner of Dakop Upazila Health Complex in Khulna was inaugurated by Jatiya Sangsad Whip Panchanan Biswas MP. Upazila Health Complex’s P.P. Family Planning Officer inaugurated the NCD corner. Member of Parliament for Khulna-1 Constituency Whip Panchanan Biswas on Saturday 25th February. Cut the ribbon of NCD Corner’s new room and announced the auspicious opening. Before the auspicious opening ceremony, Dr. Sudip Bala along with all the doctors, nurses and staff of Dakop Upazila Health Complex welcomed the whip with flowers. Besides, after the inauguration ceremony, there was a courtesy meeting with the WHIP at the NCD corner room by Dr. Sudeep Bala. At this time, he introduced all the doctors, nurses, officers and employees of the hospital with the discussion on various issues of the hospital. At that time, Dakop Upazila Awami League President Alhaj Sheikh Abul Hossain was present as a traveling companion with the whip. Dakop Upazila Parishad Chairman Munsur Ali Khan, Police Station Officer-in-Charge Ujjal Kumar Dutta, Kamar Khola Union Chairman Panchanan Mondal were also present. Dakop Press Club president Md. Mahidul Islam Shipan Bhuiyan, former president Sachindranath Mondal were also present. Journalist Mamunur Rashid, Youth League leader Pabak Mandal, Youth leader Anupam Sarkar and all the leaders of the district upazila of Awami League. Dakop Upazila Health Complex Post Post Family Planning Dr. Sudeep Bala greeted and congratulated all present. Later, Whip Panchanan Biswas attended the Dakop Upazila Animal Resource Fair from the Dakop Upazila Health Complex.

Farmer died while watering watermelon field in Dakop, Khulna.
Md. Shamim Hossain –
Khulna In Dakop Upazila of Khulna for the past one month, while watering watermelon fields with peas, several people have been electrocuted. It is known from the old local sources that last Wednesday night on February 22, farmer Barman Laxman, a resident of Ward No. 7 of Dakop Union of Dakop Upazila, died due to electrocution while watering his watermelon field with the help of peas. The news of the farmer’s sudden death has cast a shadow of deep grief in the area. Going to Sarojmin, it can be seen that there is grief on one side and fear on the other side among the watermelon farmers of the area. Bajua watermelon farmer UP member Deenbandhu Mandal said that there is fear among the farmers of the area due to the news of one death after another while giving water to eat watermelons. Due to a little carelessness, this accident is happening while irrigating the watermelon. So everyone should be careful to avoid accidents. Then it will be possible to avoid accidents like death.

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