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Munna Khan-Putul Akhtar in new musical film. - dailypressjournal

Munna Khan-Putul Akhtar in new musical film.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Munna Khan-Putul Akhtar in new musical film.

Entertainment reporter:

Recently the new musical film ‘Dhuke Dhuke Marlo Amay’ was shot at the picturesque location of Apan Bhuban Shooting House in Pubail, Gazipur. The song is penned by Munna Khan and composed by Munshi Jewel. The song is sung by Gagan Shakib. The musical film is produced by MH Munna. Starring: Munna Khan, Putul Akhter Jolly, Apu, Mohsin and many others. The musical film will soon be released on Munna Khan Multimedia YouTube channel. Model and actor Munna Khan said that the song sung by singer Gagan Shakib is amazing. Besides, I did my first work in partnership with Jolly. Producer MH Munna has made a great Tamil style video for the song. I believe his well-rounded performance will garner special appreciation from the audience. And if the audience accepts the song well, our success is only. Model Puthul Akhtar Jolly said, I worked with Munna Bhai for the first time in a musical film. Moreover, I like the song very much, the melody and music composition is excellent. The director has carefully composed the song in the beautiful location of Gazipur. Hope everyone will like the song. Producer MH Munna said, “Dhuke Dhuke Marlo Amay” has something a little different in this song. I made the video in accordance with the song A job well done. Hope everyone will like the song.

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