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Men and women should contribute equally to the development of the country: Khulna Mayor Khalek. - dailypressjournal

Men and women should contribute equally to the development of the country: Khulna Mayor Khalek.

  • Update Time : Monday, March 6, 2023
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Men and women should contribute equally to the development of the country: Khulna Mayor Khalek.

Md. Shamim Hossain-

Khulna Khulna City Corporation Mayor Talukdar Abdul Khalek said that men and women should contribute equally to the development of the country. Mentioning that the development of the country is accelerating due to the establishment of women leadership, he said that this trend of development should be continued. The city mayor said this in his speech as the chief guest at a discussion meeting titled “Women’s role in development progress, women’s well-being and awakening” at the Umeshchandra Public Library auditorium on Sunday afternoon. The event was organized by the voluntary organization Confidence Poverty Alleviation Welfare Organization on the occasion of International Women’s Day-2023. In the speech of the chief guest, the city mayor also said that with the development efforts of the current government, SDGs will be implemented within the next 30 years and Bangladesh will be elevated to the status of a developed country within the year 41. Highlighting the issue of providing various allowances including stipends for the welfare of women by the present government, he said that as a result of all these activities, women are benefiting at the grass root level. Under the chairmanship of Md. Jahangir Alam Raihan, chairman of the organization, National Women’s Organization Chairman Runu Iqbal Bithar and Khulna University medical officer Dr. spoke as special guests. Gautam Roy Secretary of General Endometriosis Society from West Bengal, India spoke as an honored guest. Pradeep Kumar Mitra and Lipika Sen Chatterjee, Secretary of Khardah Manon Welfare Society. Tapas Kumar Roy, secretary of the organization gave the welcome speech. On behalf of the organization, the chief guest and the honored guests were awarded crests. Later, the city mayor distributed honor crests among the working women of the organization.

Thousands of drugs destroyed in Khulna.
Md. Shamim Hossain –
Khulna Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Khulna sector headquarters destroyed various narcotics seized without owners on Sunday afternoon at Khulna BGB premises. Khulna City Corporation Mayor Talukdar Abdul Khalek was the chief guest on the occasion. In the speech of the chief guest, the mayor said that preventing the crime related to drug trafficking is one of the duties and responsibilities of Border Guard Bangladesh. Preventing drug smuggling through the country’s vast borders is a challenge for the force. We have to consider this matter as a social responsibility in addition to our professional responsibility. Because there is a direct correlation between drug addiction and criminal tendencies. Especially our young people are facing destruction due to drug addiction. He also said that it is our social and moral responsibility to build resistance against drugs. Public awareness should be raised about the harmful aspects of drug use. Making Bangladesh free from terrorism and drugs is one of the promises of the current government. BGB is playing a leading role in implementing this promise of the government. Brigadier General Shamim Ahmed, Region Commander of Jessore BGB Headquarters and Colonel Mamunur Rashid, Sector Commander of Khulna BGB Headquarters spoke as special guests on the occasion. Lt. Khulna Battalion 21 BGB delivered the welcome speech. Colonel Mohammad Tanveer Rahman. Additional Deputy Commissioner (Education and ICT) Pulak Kumar Maitra, Additional Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Tapas Kumar Pal, Customs Excise and VAT Revenue Officer, Narcotics Control Directorate and print and electronic media workers were present. Among the drugs destroyed were 56238 bottles of Indian phensidil, 4322 bottles of Bengal liquor, 126 bottles of various liquors, 311 bottles of Indian scarp syrup, 47.530 kg of Indian ganja, 23690 pieces of Indian yaba tablets, 3038 pieces of various aphrodisiac tablets and 5649 packets of Indian Leaf bead.
Puja Archana held at Thakurani Kali Mandir at Harintana, Dakop, Khulna on Mother’s foundation anniversary.
Md. Shamim Hossain –
Khulna At Sri Sri Thakurani Kali Mandir in Kailashganj Union, Dakop, Khulna, on Saturday 4th March, on the occasion of Mother’s foundation anniversary, Troyodashi Puja started from 11 am, Prasad distributed throughout the day, Pathabalidan at noon. Kailashganj Union Council repeatedly elected chairman Mihir Kanti Mandal and Puja celebration committee in overall management. Meanwhile, Chairman Mihir Mandal said that Hindu Goddess Durgair is one of the Shakti Kali. The name Kali is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Kal’. Kali Puja is the worship of power. The greatness of Kali Puja lies in the victory of the good forces by defeating all the evil forces of the world. But the word Kali in Kali Puja is the feminine form of the word Kal which means Krishna Varna or Guru Varna. Kali is another form of Mahamaya Maa Durga according to various Puranas. Our Khulna department head Swapan Kumar Roy said, according to the old tradition, a tantric named Krishnananda from Nabadwip started the first Kalimurti or idol worship in Bengal. Before that, the worshipers of Maa Kali worshiped Maa Kali by painting the idols of Kali in copper or carving. In the 18th century, King Krishnachandra Roy of Nadia popularized Kali Puja and thus the practice of Maa Kali Puja began. In the 19th century, Kali Puja began to be widely practiced under the patronage of various wealthy landlords of Bengal. Panel Chairman Tapan Kumar Sarkar, Puja Celebration Committee President Swapan Kumar Roy, General Secretary Chiranjib Roy, Vice President Subhas Roy, Debbrat Sarkar, Assistant Secretary Uttam Kumar Mondal, Treasurer Chitta Ranjan Mondal and all the committee members were present.

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