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Crab killing in Sundarbans with 'fishing pass'. - dailypressjournal

Crab killing in Sundarbans with ‘fishing pass’.

  • Update Time : Wednesday, February 22, 2023
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Crab killing in Sundarbans with ‘fishing pass’.
Md. Shamim Hossain –
Khulna In violation of the ban, crab killing is going on freely in the Sundarbans. It is known that crabs are killed by entering the Sundarbans with fishing passes. It is alleged that the officers and employees of the forest department cooperated in this. According to some sources, the fishermen entered the forest with the connivance of the officials of various stations and camps of Sundarbans. Only those who entered the forest without contacting the forest officials were caught. Sundarbans is one of the main breeding grounds for crabs. The crabs extracted from here are exported to different countries of the world, from which the government earns crores of rupees in revenue. Talking to the fishermen of Nalian, Kalabagi, Maheshwaripur and Bagali areas of Koira, who collect crabs in Sundarbans, it is known that crabs lay eggs in salt water in mangrove forests for two months of breeding season. January and February are two months of crab breeding season. During this time crab fishing from Sundarbans is completely prohibited. But the fishermen are entering the Sundarbans and hunting crabs with a secret agreement with the officials and employees of the forest department’s stations and outposts. According to some sources, there are several crab fishing syndicates in Nalian and Maheshwaripur forest station area of Koira upazila in Dakop of Khulna range. They entered the forest by paying Tk 10,000 per boat to the forest department. That’s why forest department and smart team don’t even come near them while catching crabs. If any senior official enters the Sundarbans at any time, it is reported to the fishermen. Currently, there are hundreds of crab fishing boats in the Sundarbans. Crab hunter of Kashiabad station area. Babul said, “During the breeding season, the demand and price of mother crab with eggs is much higher than other times of the year. That is why hunters hunt crabs by entering the forest by any means. Currently the price of one kg FF-1 crab is 1700 to 1800 Tk. However, the price may increase further. But Shahadat Hossain, station officer of Nalian Forest Station, claims that no one can enter the Sundarbans now. The issue of allowing fishermen to enter the forest by taking money from someone is propaganda. Kashiabad Station Officer Shyama Prasad said, those who cannot loot and eat Sundarbans are spreading misinformation. No one is allowed to enter the forest during this time. Even if someone enters by stealing, they are brought under the law. Khulna Divisional Forest Officer Dr. Abu Saleh Md. Mohasin Hossain said that catching crabs during breeding season is completely prohibited. So there is no chance to enter the Sundarbans now. He said, the Sundarbans are being monitored all the time through engineers. No one can enter at will. Cameras are installed everywhere. This official also said that action will be taken against any officials of the forest department if they are involved in catching crabs.

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