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City Jubo League president Palash is trusted by Trinamool in Khulna 4 seat - dailypressjournal

City Jubo League president Palash is trusted by Trinamool in Khulna 4 seat

  • Update Time : Monday, September 4, 2023
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Azizul Islam

Retired police officer from Rajapur village of Aichgati union of Rupsa upazila near Khulna city who grew up in the salt water climate of Bhairab and Athar Beki rivers of Khulna district.
The eldest son of Alhaj Md. Mushfiqur Rahman, the successful entrepreneur who received the gold medal at the national level, the inspiration of Khulna’s young society, the former president of Khulna Mahanagar Chhatra League, the current president of Mahanagar Jubo League, Safikur Rahman Palash, is a candidate for Bangladesh Awami League’s nomination in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections in Khulna-4 seats, along with the party’s grassroots leaders and activists, along with 15 of the three upazilas. In Hat-Bazar Para Mohalla of the union, leaflets containing pictures of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government’s development activities are being distributed among the common people and they are having a road meeting and exchange of views. He started student politics from the responsible position of Chhatra League from his school life. Palash became General Secretary of Belfulia School Committee Chhatra League in 1986, later President of Aichgati Union Chhatra League, Vice-President of Rupsa Upazila Chhatra League, Organizing Secretary of Khulna Mahanagar Chhatra League and in 2003 during the then BNP Jamaat 4-Party coalition government with the aim of organizing the Khulna Mahachra League and ordinary students in education. Palash was elected the president of Mahanagar Chhatra League to strengthen the movement to overthrow the government by establishing the right rights of female students. From the streets, Palash duly fulfills the responsibilities assigned to him to maintain the trust and confidence of senior leaders. He served as the president of Nagar Chhatra League till 2009. Despite not holding any important position in the party for a long decade, he stood by the Trinamool leaders and activists in all dangers. As a result, he was nominated as the convenor of the Mahanagar Jubo League in 2019 with the trust and love of the senior leaders. In 2022, Palash was elected as the president of the Mahanagar Jubo League unopposed in the second session through the colorful conference. Since his student life, he has provided full support to the workers. Ever since the 9th National Assembly election on December 29, 2008, he has been keeping a close eye on all the issues of the grassroots leaders and activists, including the common people of the region, from the far-reaching idea of his election in Khulna-4 seat. Being a powerful person of the ruling party has no reputation.
Common people know him as a gentle and modest political leader. Never speak to anyone with arrogance. Especially to the common people of Aichgati Union, he is known as our Palash above party opinion. In the past 14 years of the current government, numerous leaders and activists have been provided employment in government and private institutions. He has been consistently providing economic benefits to the leaders and activists along with the common people in religious and social festivals.
During the Corona period, the whole world has questioned the question of humanity. When the blood bond of father and son is questioned in inhumane behavior by cutting off contact with each other to save the child from the hands of the corona infected father. Just then, keeping the family in the hope of the mercy of the great creator, the team rose above the party-opinion and showed greatness regardless of the caste and creed, sometimes in the graveyard, sometimes in the crematorium, sometimes at the bedside of the corona patient, and made constant inquiries. He has delivered food items and cash to thousands of families who have become unemployed due to Corona. Today, there is a mixed reaction among the general public regarding their activities during the Corona period, who have expressed their candidacy for the upcoming parliamentary elections. It should be mentioned (Rupsa, Terkhada, Dighlia) with 15 unions of these three upazilas, Khulna has 4 constituencies. The total number of voters in this seat is 3 lakh 59 thousand 412 people. The then Senior Vice-President of Khulna Metropolitan Awami League SM Mostafa Rashidi Sooja was elected Member of Parliament in 1991 and General Secretary of District Awami League in 1996. In 2001, BNP candidate M Nurul Islam Dadu Bhai was elected. Awami League candidate Molla Jalal Uddin was elected in 2008. Statistics show that Awami League has retained this seat until the fiercely contested ninth parliamentary elections. In 2014, SM Mustafa Rashidi Souza was elected as a Member of Parliament for the third time. Due to various physical complications, Souza could not complete his five-year term. He predeceased her. In 2018 by-elections and 11th elections, national sports personality businessman leader Abdus Salam Murshedi was elected as a member of parliament on the nomination of Awami League, bypassing party leaders and workers and creating his own circle with his own trusted people. There are various allegations against him, including not behaving well. He continues to work at his own pace, pointing fingers at all complaints. Regarding the upcoming national elections, most of the leaders and activists of the Awami League Trinamool think that if the BNP participates in the upcoming 12th National Parliament elections, the party’s policy-making circles must nominate the most acceptable and popular person in the area. In this regard, Sofikur Rahman Palash is ahead of many others. Khair Chowdhury, the son of the nation, brave freedom fighter said, Mujib ideology worker who believes in the spirit of Palash liberation war to protect the country and the nation from the hands of anti-freedom gangs and

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