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Air pollution: Khulna residents did not get breathing air for 3 months. - dailypressjournal

Air pollution: Khulna residents did not get breathing air for 3 months.

  • Update Time : Sunday, February 26, 2023
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Air pollution: Khulna residents did not get breathing air for 3 months.

Md. Shamim Hossain –

Khulna The air of Khulna has become polluted with dust and sand. Khulna’s air has been unhealthy for most of the three months since last November. Increased air weight and serious pollutants like sulfur dioxide. As a result, breathing problems, sneezing and allergic diseases have appeared among the city dwellers. Plants and structures are also being damaged by dust and sand. According to the air quality management data of the Department of Environment, the air in Khulna metropolis was unhealthy 47% of the time, 43% of the time was very unhealthy and 2% of the time was very unhealthy. According to the World Health Organization’s air quality regulator, if the presence of dust particles and harmful gases in the air is 50 ppm from zero, it is healthy, but the air in Khulna is above 200 ppm on average. Begum Shahnaz Rahman, deputy director of the Department of Environment, said that the smoke generated by the construction of roads and structures, factories, vehicles and brick kilns is the cause of this pollution. Moreover, polluted smoke from the power plants of the neighboring countries of North Jharkhand, Patna and Bihar is coming to our country. It can be seen on the ground, most of the roads and surrounding areas of the city are undergoing construction of roads and structures, Wasa projects and various development works. Countless buses, trucks, autos and other vehicles are running on the roads under construction. According to environmental regulations, construction materials should be covered at all times and water should be drained regularly. But these policies are not being followed in these uncontrolled development activities. As a result the air of Khulna is getting polluted. Talking to the victims, it is known that there is no opportunity for normal movement on any road in Khulna. Everywhere they are covered with piles of bricks and sand, uncontrolled construction of roads and structures and clouds of dust. Living near the road, the windows of the house have to be closed 24 hours a day. Civil surgeon Sujat Ahmed said that due to toxic air, the rate of suffering from various complex diseases including breathing problems is increasing. He advised to always use mask to get rid of this condition. He also said that it is not possible to turn Khulna into a healthy city if Khulna’s air pollution is not brought under control.

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