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Adhora Khan's 'Border' movie is being released as 'Sultanpur'. - dailypressjournal

Adhora Khan’s ‘Border’ movie is being released as ‘Sultanpur’.

  • Update Time : Monday, December 5, 2022
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Adhora Khan’s ‘Border’ movie is being released as ‘Sultanpur’.

Entertainment Reporter:-

The film ‘Sultanpur’, made about smuggling and the life cycle of people in the border areas, is finally going to be released after overcoming the censor complications. After the World Cup frenzy, its director Saikat Nasir is planning to release the movie under a new name, changing the name ‘Border’. Ashish Khandkar, Adhara Khan, Suman Farooq, Sanchu John, Rashed Mamun Apu, Moumita Mau, Shaheen Mridha acted in this movie based on the story of Asad Zaman.

Adhora Khan said that the movie is finally getting released. I feel very good. It’s time to sit back and watch the excitement over the border for so long. “We start working on the movie in 2020. I finished the work that year. Now being released. Although the border is coming to Sultanpur, I think the audience will come to see a movie story. Be it Border or Sultanpur. They will like the story.”

Adhora also said that it is a joy for us that the film is going to be released with a new name in the month of Vijay. After several good films released recently, Sultanpur will be loved by the audience. I am very optimistic about my work in Sultanpur. I have the hope and belief that the audience will like it, it will leave a scar in the heart.

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