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A 500 ton cargo ship sank at Khulna, Mongla port. - dailypressjournal

A 500 ton cargo ship sank at Khulna, Mongla port.

  • Update Time : Thursday, January 26, 2023
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A 500 ton cargo ship sank at Khulna, Mongla port.

Md. Shamim Hossain –

Khulna A cargo sunk after a foreign ship collided with it in Mongla’s Pashu channel. A cargo vessel named MV Shahjalal Express carrying 500 tonnes of fertilizer (MOP) sank in Harbaria area late on Tuesday night. At that time, the 8 staff on the ship were rescued by the coast guard at night. A team of the Harbor Department red-marked the accident site on Wednesday (January 25) morning. The sunken cargo has a certificate of fitness. Mongla Port Authority Harbor Master Captain Shaheen Majid confirmed the matter. According to the port sources, the cargo ship MV Shahjalal Express loaded about 500 tons of fertilizer (MOP) from the foreign commercial ship MV Vita Olympic at anchorage number 9 of Harbaria in the port channel left for Shiromani in Khulna. Due to darkness and thick fog on the way, MV Supreme Velor, a foreign commercial ship in anchorage number 8, was struck behind. Immediately the cargo sank. The Coast Guard rescued 8 crew members of the sunken cargo at night. According to Captain Shaheen Majid, the channel is operational despite the sinking of the ship. No problem with the channel. The owner of the ship has been informed about the sinking of the ship. The owner has left Dhaka for the spot to rescue the ship. The owner will get 15 days to remove the ship as per port rules. If they fail to rescue within this period, the port authority will take necessary action. Harbor Master Captain Mohammad Shaheen Majeed said that if the fertilizer on the ship dissolves in the water, there will be environmental disaster. Actually, fertilizer is a soluble product. It will dissolve on contact with water. After the owner reaches the spot, it will be understood what the actual situation is. The lighter vessel MV Shahjalal Express that sank is owned by a company called Bhai Bhai Shipping Nine. The Liberian flagged commercial fertilizer carrier MV Vita Olympic arrived at Sundarikotha-1 area of Bahinango in the Mongla port channel on January 21 with 31 thousand 459 tons of fertilizer. Mizanur Rahman, Khulna manager of Park Shipping, the local shipping agent of the foreign ship MV Vita Olympic ship, said that the cargo MV Shahjalal Express hit the back of the foreign ship and sunk on the way to Khulna with about 500 tons of fertilizer from the Vita Olympic ship. Lion Dr. Sheikh Faridul Islam, chairman of Save the Sundarbans Foundation, said in the case of the sinking of a cargo ship loaded with fertilizer, the sinking of a fertilizer-laden boat in the Sundarbans of the animal channel may cause damage to aquatic life. On the other hand, due to the delay in lifting the sinking boats at various times, the risk of marine crisis is increasing due to silting in the channel.

The residents of Dakop Upazila of Khulna are unhappy with the irregularity of the health complex.

Md. Shamim Hossian –

Khulna The residents of Dakop Upazila of Khulna are unhappy with the irregularity of the health complex. Local people’s question Who is examining the pathology of the health complex of Dakop Upazila? In addition, the patients are frustrated by the negligence of the nurses without getting the medicine. Current status and picture of health complex of the upazila. Patients complain of no medicine, negligence of nurses and not getting doctors. After entering the Dakop Upazila Health Complex due to complaints, several women and men and old people are standing in front of the ticket counter. Going to them, it is known that each of their homes are in Sutarkhali, Kamar Khola, Dakop, Saheber Abad, Baruikhali, Harinta village in Bajua. They left home at 7 o’clock in the morning and came to Dakop Upazila Health Complex to see a doctor. It is known that all of them are poor and poor working people. Birendranath Roy, the old man among them, he told reporters, who is taking government medicine? Those who are poor. Poor people like us take free medicine. Such a big hospital does not have medicine for fifteen days. This is just sad. Talking to the patients who come to the hospital, it is known that at 10 am in the morning, take a ticket from the ticket counter for 3 rupees and first go to the doctor inside the emergency department. Later, the emergency department said, there is a doctor there, show them there. Don’t mess around here. This time appeared in front of the pathology just a few steps away from the emergency department of Dakop Upazila Health Complex. There is also doubt as to the authenticity of the examination data for the diagnosis of gross irregularity of life. Rahul Nai is in charge of the final information of the pathology examination. Ward boy Saiful Islam is conducting the examination from the responsibility of pathology. Even if Rahul, who is in charge of pathology, is on leave or absent, the examination does not stop. The examination was conducted by a ward boy of the hospital. What is the work of this ward boy Saiful Islam? Does he have experience in conducting examinations? When appearing in front of Pathology to know all this, Rahul of Pathology told the reporters that if he is on vacation or outside, the examination is not conducted under any condition. Ward Boy Saiful Islam was called and asked if any examination was conducted in the absence of Rahul Sahib. Although he denied it, the actual incident came out in the pen. In the absence of Rahul Saheb, the exam was held on Saturday and Sunday as well. Sudipta, Hira Begum, exam preparation information available in Pathology Book. Moreover, the test he has conducted, such evidence is already in his name. Dakop Upazila Health Complex is another matter, very important and sad matter, the owner of Dr. Santosh Kumar Majumdar Chila Clinic, he himself sends patients there. Moreover, there is evidence that the nurse, the ward boy, also referred patients to the driving clinic. After talking to the patients, Dr. Santosh Kumar Majumder at Chila Clinic sent the patients for examination. Based on confidential information, it is also known that Dr. Santosh Kumar Majumder is a sharing owner of Chalan Clinic. There is also evidence that the patient does not see the examination if the patient does not seek the examination from the driving clinic. After entering inside, it is known that there are irregularities in the food of the hospital patients. There is no government regulation, food management is going on according to will. Another thing is very sad, but real newborns have a phone like a big mirror in their hands, they don’t need a mirror to see beautiful faces. A few days ago, patients Biswajit, Tanya, Beauty, Golam Rasool, Ibrahim Khalil, Marufa, the patient’s relatives said that the new beautiful nurse, when asked about anything once or twice, showed a mood of eating and drinking. I think instead of being a nurse, it would be better to have a job in a judge’s court. Dr. Sudip Bala, Director of Family Planning of Dakop Upazila Health Complex asked about the pathology, he told reporters that there is no scope for any kind of irregularity, moreover, immediate action will be taken if there is proof of the truth. And besides, Rahul is not from my hospital. He is an officer of BRAC. The area of Dakop Upazila is stale and the people of civil society demand that Dakop Upazila Health Complex has become a place of extreme irregularities and brokers. If the hospital continues like this, the patients will have to suffer a lot. Therefore, Dakop Upazila residents are drawing the attention of the responsible director of Dakop Upazila Health Complex and the proper authorities of the government to come forward to save Dakop Health Complex, the only hospital in Dakop from this irregularity and to take appropriate measures against this irregularity.

In Khulna, Dakope, Srivende claim, if you wake me up a little, I can live peacefully.

Md. Shamim Hossain –

Khulna In Khulna’s Dakope Srivende Dasi’s claim, if you wake me up a little, I could live like peace. I have no place. No house, no husband, no place to stay. I’m hanging out on the roads. Help the people around you. So I eat, and I stay on the side of the road in front of people’s houses and spend the day without eating. No winter clothes. I can’t go out much because of winter. Government support has an elderly allowance. I get 300 taha per month. What happens with that! I spend the day without eating. It is very difficult. Husband died 12 years ago. Since then the trouble has started. There is no son, he is dead and a daughter lives like him. Bulti has no relatives. I used to live in the broken balcony of Kaviraj’s house in Dhopadhi village of Kailashganj union of Dakop upazila by pulling polythene. All died in Sehan too. The husband’s land was stolen away by the associates and the people around. Now I pull polythene on the side of the road. I hear that again can’t stay here. I have no time to eat. Where do you go? So if you give me a place in the government, I could live peacefully. I have no choice but to do so. Where will I go? And I have no sleep in that thought. In this way, the 75-year-old husband, who is homeless without children and landless, was describing the hardships of surviving the life struggle to our reporter. Her name is Srivende Dasi. A resident of ward no. 3 of Dhopadhi village of Kailashganj union of Dakop upazila. On Wednesday (January 25) morning, I found this helpless old woman standing on the road. In Konkan winter, she wrapped a piece of saree and looked at the sun hoping for warmth. While talking to this reporter, he was shivering in the extreme cold. And he continued to describe his plight. Which is very difficult to bear. Not being able to bear the words of her suffering life, I immediately took out money from the old woman’s pocket and handed it to her. How happy the old woman said, don’t give anything else? I replied, I am not a chairman, member or government official, just a journalist. In the morning, after hearing the story of the old woman’s helplessness, she dreamed of doing something for her, so she talked to various social workers and informed about her help. Shrivende Dasi’s request to the government, ‘I could have lived in peace if you had given me a little thirst. He hopes that the pleas of the husbandless, childless, helpless, old Srivende Dasi will reach the concerned.

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