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Water continues to rise in Kurigram, sewage and clean water shortage - dailypressjournal

Water continues to rise in Kurigram, sewage and clean water shortage

  • Update Time : Saturday, September 2, 2023
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Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram.

The water in the rivers and streams of Kurigram continues to rise due to the hill slopes coming down from the upstream of India. Although the water in Brahmaputra river has increased, the water in Teesta, Dudhkumar and Dharla has decreased slightly. Even though the water recedes, Dharla is flowing very close to the boundary and Teesta is flowing over the boundary since last 6 days.

Due to rising water there is a shortage of clean water in the grazing areas. Besides, women and girls are facing the most problems as the toilets are submerged in water. People are traveling by boat as the communication system has broken down. There is a shortage of fodder due to the depletion of cow pastures. About 5 thousand families of these areas have been trapped in water. Even if some get relief from the government, most of them complain that they don’t get it.

According to the information given by the Kurigram Water Development Board (PUBO) at 12 noon on Thursday (August 31), in the last 24 hours, the water level of the Brahmaputra river has increased by 20 cm at Noonkhawa point, 8 cm at Chilmari point, and 8 cm at Dharla bridge point. 30 cm of Bipatsima, reduced to 57 cm of Bipatsima at Dudhkumar Pateshwari point. Flowing down and the waters of the Teesta receding at Kaunia Point to 1 cm below the boundary line. flowing over.

Hazra Bewa, a resident of Char Jatrapur Union of Sadar Upazila, said, “It’s been 5 days since Ban’s toilet has been submerged. Food is under the water faucet, you don’t understand how to move around. We, women, mourn when we cannot go, how do we go to the toilet, urinate, understand.’

Farida Begum, another resident of this char, said, “Ban’s water tubewell has been submerged for 4-5 days now. There are 60-70 houses in this area, the people of Sog (all) houses live next door and bring water. To raise the edge of his mill. Food and water are very difficult.’

Alo Khatun, a resident of Kher Alga Char on the banks of the Brahmaputra river, said, ‘My husband is not at home, he has gone to work in the city. 3 children are small, I am driving the boat myself for 3 children. What can I do?

Manwara Begum, another resident of this char, said, “The water is rising in our house, we have been taking shelter in people’s houses for two days now. The water of the river is rising by one hand this morning. Drinking water is very difficult. The hands and feet have turned white.’

Bablu Mia, chairman of Ulipur’s Begumganj Union, said, ‘About 700 families are waterlogged in Brahmaputra water in some pastures of my area. I got 4 tons of rice from the government. It will be distributed in stages.

Chairman of Sadar’s Jatrapur Union, Abdul Ghafoor said, ‘About two hundred families in the Brahmaputra basin have become waterlogged. Especially the problem of toilets has appeared more.’

Abdullah Al Mamun, executive engineer of Kurigram Water Development Board (PUBO) said about the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center, the water in Teesta, Dharla and Dudhkumar will decrease slightly in the next 24 hours and the flood situation will improve and the water in Brahmaputra river will rise and some low-lying areas may be flooded.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Saidul Arif said that 362 million tons of rice, 5 lakh cash and 3 thousand 700 packets of dry food allocated for flood have been allocated according to upazila-based demand. Already the work of distribution is going on and Tk 2 lakh for baby food and Tk 5 lakh for cow food is stocked. The demand for fresh allocation is not necessary so far.

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