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Fishermen of Sundarbans do not get rid of scarcity by catching fish - dailypressjournal

Fishermen of Sundarbans do not get rid of scarcity by catching fish

  • Update Time : Sunday, September 17, 2023
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Md. Shamim Hossain – Khulna representative:-

The scarcity and misery of Sundarban fishermen is not going away. I have been fishing in the rivers and canals of Sundarbans since childhood. Over seventy years old, still catching that fish. But I could not remove the poverty of the family! Eating, not eating, my life changed! I am thinking about Chawalg. Fish is not available in Sundarbans like before. My life is over, what will happen to Chawalg? Hazrat Ali Sana, a seventy-year-old fisherman of Koira village No. 4 of Koira Sadar Union, was saying these words while sitting on a dinghy boat on the bank of Shakbaria river in front of Kashiabad Forest Station of Sundarban West Forest Division. Not only Hazrat Ali, but other fishermen who depend on the Sundarbans like him, the family life is almost the same. After investigation, it is known that the forest department has allowed fishing in the rivers and canals of Sundarbans from September 1 after fishing was stopped for three months. But where earlier each fisherman could fish in every river and canal of the entire Khulna range with a pass permit (BLC), now no fisherman can fish in more than one canal. Fishermen of Koira Upazila adjacent to the Sundarbans have become extremely disappointed. According to Kashiabad Forest Station of Sundarban Forest Division of Koira Upazila, there are more than three hundred rivers and canals in the Khulna range of Sundarban. 942 fishermen are authorized to fish in the rivers and canals of Sundarbans under Kashiabad Forest Station. Of these, 675 fishermen have collected forest entry permits till September 13. Among the fishermen with pass permit, 450 fishers and 225 fishermen have taken pass for crab collection. A maximum of two fishermen can legally fish in the Sundarbans with one pass permit each. In proportion to the number, six fishermen are allowed to fish in each river-canal. According to sources, the entry fee of a fisherman for fishing in the Sundarbans for a week is 15 rupees and the entry fee for crab fishing is 12 rupees. There is 15 percent VAT on it. In addition, each kg of hilsa and vetki fish has to be paid 24 taka, bagda and lobster 50 taka, white fish 6 taka 40 paisa and powdered shrimp 5 taka. Nazrul Sana of Koira village No. 4 of Sadar Union of Koira Upazila, Lutfar Molla, Mubarak Gazi and Salam Sardar, fishermen of Mathbari village of Maharajpur Union, said that earlier each fisherman could catch fish in all the rivers and canals of the whole range with a pass permit under the Khulna range of the Sundarban Forest Division. Again the time given for fishing was 15 days. But from this season fishermen cannot fish in more than one river or canal. They said, earlier fishermen could catch 15-20 kg of fish each time. Now fish of more than 4-5 kg is not available. Again the fishing period has been reduced to one week. We have no choice but to die. They said with anger that the months of Asadha, Shravan and Bhadra are full of fish. At that time, fishing in the rivers of Sundarbans is prohibited. Again, fishing cannot be done in the sanctuary area. Already have to be unemployed for three months. On top of that, no more than 2-3 kg of fish can be found in a canal. A fisherman named Rafiqul said, ‘There used to be big fish in the Ganges. Now that kind of fish is no more. As a result, we fishermen are in turmoil. Another fisherman named Gani Mia said, “How will there be fish?” Khata pata, behendi and nets, small chicks all die. As a result, the fish can no longer grow. UP member of ward number 7 of Koira Sadar Union said. Lutfar Rahman said, “The suffering of fishermen has increased in the new system of Sundarban Forest Department. Earlier, fishermen could eat rice twice a day, but now they will not get it anymore.
Shyama Prasad Roy, Forest Officer of Kashiabad Forest Station of Khulna Range of Sundarban West Forest Division, said that in order to sustain the fishery resources of Sundarbans, the forest department has imposed a little strictness on fishing. But it will not harm the fishermen much.

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