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The people are safe with the Awami League government, said central Jubo League leader Humayun Sultan. - dailypressjournal

The people are safe with the Awami League government, said central Jubo League leader Humayun Sultan.

  • Update Time : Saturday, December 31, 2022
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The people are safe with the Awami League government, said central Jubo League leader Humayun Sultan.

Md. Tahidul Islam Manirampur upazila representative :

Jessore Manirampur Upazila No. 11 Chaluahati Union on the occasion of the Great Victory Day, union Sechsevak League organized the victory rally, under the chairmanship of lecturer Rafiqul Islam Pasha, under the supervision of Sanjay Singh. Former Member of Parliament of Jessore 5 Manirampur Constituency, Ed Khan Tipu Sultan’s son, Central Jubo League Leader Jessore District Awami League member Humayun Sultan (Shadab) said that the debt of those who fought for this country can never be repaid, this Bengal got new in the month of this great victory. One life, in exchange for the blood of millions of brothers and sisters, this Bangladesh pays deep respect to them, he also said, Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said to evaluate the Trinamool Awami League workers, go to their houses to inquire, I am on her orders, to the Trinamool Awami League workers. Going house to house, the Honorable Prime Minister said that Awami League is in power today for Trinamool Awami League, I will never forget their contribution, but local MPs, or leaders do not value them, false cases have been given in their name. Value them, Awami. League is in power today because of them. Go to their house and inquire, Humayun Sultan (Shadab) also said, My father, a brave freedom fighter late advocate: Khan Tipu Sultan, was this Trinamool party. The leader of RAY is the leader of activists, and my father was a political activist of the father of the nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the trust of the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, he always kept Manirampur Basi in front, an Awami League activist or leader was never abused by him. But At present, there is no one to inquire about the grassroot level leaders and workers in Manirampur, genuine Awami League workers are being harassed with false cases. And Jamaat BNP is being milked and made Awami League workers, in the words of Jamaat BNP, Awami League is being tortured inhumanely, but we love Awami League, ahead of the next parliamentary elections, Awami League leaders and workers at the grassroots level should unite and deal with Jamaat BNP. By replying to them, to strengthen the hand of the Honorable Prime Minister, People’s Leader Sheikh Hasina, the Trinamool leaders and workers will unite again, and win this Jessore 5 Manirampur seat with a large number of votes and give this seat to the Honorable Prime Minister, People’s Leader Sheikh Hasina. Convener of Manirampur Upazila Secchsevak League Aurobindu Hazra, Joint Convenor of Secchsevak League, Salim Reza, Amjed Ali, former member of Chaluahati Union, lecturer Zillur Rahman, Sechsevak League leader Ah Mannan, president of Chaluahati Union Awami League. Lecturer Abul Hasan, former upazila women’s president Amana Begum, UP member of Khanpur Union Sanjay Kumar Raha, along with hundreds of leaders of Awami League affiliates.

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