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Sundarbans is open for tourists and fishermen - dailypressjournal

Sundarbans is open for tourists and fishermen

  • Update Time : Saturday, September 2, 2023
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Md. Shamim Hossain – Khulna representative: –

Sundarbans has been opened after being closed for three months. The forest department has announced a ban on fishing in the rivers and canals of the Sundarbans for three months from June 1 to August 31 this year. As these three months are the breeding season, all types of fishing are prohibited, and tourists are also prohibited from entering the Sundarbans. Four launches carrying tourists entered the Sundarbans on Friday (September 1) morning. And tourists are going to Karamjal in trawlers and boats. Earlier, entry to the Sundarbans was opened for all from 12 midnight on Thursday. According to the sources of the forest department, fishing is closed in 420 rivers and canals of the two lakh 43 thousand hectare forest during the breeding season. In this, breeding of 475 species of fish including hilsa is uninterrupted. However, around 10,000 fishermen families dependent on the Bay of Bengal and Sundarbans in Mongla became unemployed at this time. As well as leisure tour operators.
Mohammad Belayet Hossain, divisional forest officer of East Sundarban Division, said that the three-month ban has increased the reproduction of fish and wildlife in the rivers and canals of the forest. This has enriched the biodiversity of Sundarbans. Incidentally, there are currently 114 Royal Bengal Tigers, 375 species of wild animals including two lakh deer, 334 species of plants including beautiful trees, 165 species of algae, 13 species of orchids and 300 species of birds in Sundarbans, which is full of biodiversity. Three areas of this mangrove Sundanban were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO on December 6, 1997. There are 291 species of fish including crocodiles, 6 species of dolphins in the 1874 square kilometers of water in the Sundarbans. In this forest, the area of Sundanban is about 7 thousand square kilometers, an endless store of oxygen in Bangladesh. This vast area is recognized as the world’s largest wetland Ramsar site.

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