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Birangana Gurudasi's house demands protection - dailypressjournal

Birangana Gurudasi’s house demands protection

  • Update Time : Tuesday, September 5, 2023
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Sheikh Khairul Islam Paikgacha Khulna Representative:-

15 years have passed one by one. Even after a long century of death, no one remembered Birangana Gurudasi, but her memory was not preserved. The current government has started giving national recognition to Birangana freedom fighters. On October 12, 2016, the Liberation War The government published the first gazette recognizing 41 heroes as freedom fighters in a gazette. At that time, the Minister of Liberation War. A. M. Mozammel Haque said that the heroes sacrificed a lot for the sake of the country in the liberation war. Their contribution can never be forgotten. That is why the government has decided to recognize the brave soldiers as freedom fighters. However, if the national recognition of the dead heroes during and after the freedom fighters is not preserved and their memory is not preserved, the next generation will forget the contribution of the brave soldiers in the liberation war. Gurudasi, who lost her husband and children in the great liberation war, has been recognized for her bravery after a long period of her death on December 15, 2020. The Ministry of Liberation War Affairs published a gazette in this regard. Confirming the matter, the former Secretary of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs Tapan Kanti Ghosh told the media that the government wants to preserve the memory of the great liberation war and ensure proper recognition and dignity of all those involved, including the heroes. In the year 2020, on 9th December Kapilmuni Mukta Divas, Veerangana Gurudasi was promised national recognition. According to this, the gazette was published recognizing 61 women including Gurudasi as Veerangana. During the liberation war, the Rajakars looted all the belongings of Gurudasi and brutally killed her husband and children. A century ago, she died with cruel pain in her heart. He left the illusion of the world. His final resting place has not been preserved even today. Her locked living room is sheltered by vermin. At night, anti-social activities and narcotics were going on around. However, during her last rites, Veerangana Gurudasi Memorial Preservation Council was formed. And her residence was declared to be made into a memorial museum and library at that time. Incidentally, in 1971, Gurupad Mandal of Phulbari village of Delutia Union in Paikgacha, Khulna was a tailor by profession but respected by all. He was a very simple and humble man. He had a family of 2 sons, 2 daughters and a wife. Although he did not directly participate in the liberation war, he helped the freedom fighters in every possible way. The Pak army attacked his house with the help of the Razakars. One by one, all the family members were gathered in the courtyard of the house. The Pak soldiers had a greedy eye on his wife Gurudasi Mandal. When he came forward to protect his wife’s sanctity, her husband and 2 sons were shot dead in front of the Gurudasi. And 1 girl. Their corpses were mutilated with bayonets. After that, the nursing baby in Gurudasi’s lap was taken away from the mother’s body and killed. He was buried in front of the mother in muddy water at the side of the house. Then the hyenas started brutally torturing Gurudasi. When the Pak invaders left, the freedom fighters and local residents rescued Gurudasi. Seeing the death of her husband, children and her delusions at the hands of Pak soldiers, Gurudasi lost her mental balance at that time. The freedom fighters rescued Gurudasi and kept them in their custody. After independence he was admitted to Pabna Mental Hospital for better treatment. But he could not fully recover. He wandered like a madman in different parts of the country and once returned to Paikgacha in Khulna, where the memories of his husband and children were intertwined. Mentally unbalanced Gurudasi continued to fight for life by begging. With a small stick in his hand, he threatened people with a smile and asked for 2 rupees to get his hand. – This is how Gurudasi’s days passed. Gurudasi Masi became the closest person in the area, a familiar face. Later, Bagerhat Zilla Parishad Administrator Sheikh Kamruzzaman Tuku, the then Paikgacha Upazila Chairman Sam Babar Ali and Executive Officer Mihir Kanti Majumdar built a government place for Gurudasi to live in Kapilmuni. He built a house. He stayed there for a long time in disrespect and lack of care. He died sometime in the night of December 8, 2008. In the morning, people around him saw his dead body lying in his bedroom. Hearing the news of Gurudasi’s death, freedom fighters and people from all walks of life rushed to the administration. Gurudasi’s self-sacrifice in the Great War of Independence has not been recorded in the pages of history. There is still no acknowledgment of his family being brutally murdered.

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