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The prices of fish and vegetables are constantly increasing in Khulna market. - dailypressjournal

The prices of fish and vegetables are constantly increasing in Khulna market.

  • Update Time : Monday, February 27, 2023
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The prices of fish and vegetables are constantly increasing in Khulna market.

Md. Shamim Hossain –

Khulna All kinds of fish prices have increased in Khulna market. The vegetable market is also bullish. In the last few days, the prices of daily commodities have increased. On Saturday (February 25), several markets of Khulna were visited, and various vegetables including cauliflower, cabbage, beans, cabbage, leeks are being sold at higher prices than during the week. Traders said the price may increase further in a few days. Tutpara, Jorakal Bazar, Mistripara Bazar, Gallamari Bazar can be seen in the city, the import of fish in the markets is very low. The prices of the fish in the market are also high. Fish is not available even with advance money. Abdur Rahim, a fish seller at Tutpara Jorakal market, said that on Saturday, prawns are being sold at Tk 400-590, roe fish (one kg) at Tk 280, Katla and Mrigel fish are being sold at the same price. Pangash 180-300 Taka, Vetki fish 600 Taka, Tilapia 200 Taka, Taki fish 300 Taka, Pabda 350 Taka, Farmed horn fish 350 Taka, Koi fish 300 Taka, Magur fish 400 Taka and different types of sea fish are selling at 200-280 Taka. . Going to the Gallamari market of the city, it can be seen that cabbage and cauliflower are being sold at Tk 30-35 depending on the size. Cucumber Tk 40-50 per kg, long and round eggplant Tk 40-50, tomato Tk 15-20, beans Tk 30-40, bitter gourd Tk 100-140, sweet pumpkin Tk 30, papaya Tk 30, red vegetables Tk 40, data Vegetables are being sold at 30 taka. Besides, rice pumpkin is selling at 50-60 taka each, gourd 40-45 taka each size, chichinga 60 taka, potal 60 taka, kachur lati 60-70 taka, barabati 90-100 taka and dhundul are being sold at 50-60 taka. Raw chillies are being sold at Tk 140 per kg in the market. Raw bananas are currently being sold at Tk 25-30 in the market. A kg of onion is being sold at Tk 35-40. The price of garlic has decreased. A kg of large garlic is 200 taka. Even a week ago, a kg of desi large garlic was Tk 220. A kg of small garlic is being sold at Tk 120-130. A kg of potato is being sold in the market at Tk 20-25. Aslam Sardar, the vegetable seller of this market, said that the vegetables in Gallamari market come from Dumuria upazila and Batiaghata area, which are known as granaries of Khulna. As a result, the price of vegetables in this market is lower than other markets. But now there are no vegetables in the farmer’s land. As a result, the supply of vegetables is decreasing and the price is also increasing. Zahirul Islam Joy, a regular vegetable buyer of this market, will throw away the appearance of winter vegetables at home. Still the price is high. In Khulna’s big market, it is known that the prices of daily commodities are the same as before. What increased during the week did not decrease. Now packet flour is being sold in the market at 65 rupees per kg. Open flour 60 taka. Desi lentils are being sold at Tk 140 per kg. Indian lentil dal 100 taka, desi lentil dal 140 taka. A liter of soybean oil is being sold at Tk 187 in the market. 38-40 taka per kg of salt. A kg of broiler chicken is being sold in the market at Tk 220-230. Last week was 190-200 taka. The price of golden chicken is selling at Tk 310-320 per kg. 280-290 taka per kg of layer chicken. The price of beef and beef has also increased in the market. Now a kg of beef is 700 to 750 taka. Beef is being sold at Tk 1,000 to 1,100 per kg.

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