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Open letter to State Minister Swapan Bhattacharya to resume the demand for the life of Manirampur Basir, launch the traditional book fair. - dailypressjournal

Open letter to State Minister Swapan Bhattacharya to resume the demand for the life of Manirampur Basir, launch the traditional book fair.

  • Update Time : Monday, December 19, 2022
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Open letter to State Minister Swapan Bhattacharya to resume the demand for the life of Manirampur Basir, launch the traditional book fair.

Md. Tahidul Islam Manirampur upazila representative : Manirampur in Jessore, the popular traditional The book fair has been closed for over a year. On January 4, 1999, on the occasion of Manirampur Shilpi Goshti’s birthday, this book fair started its journey. Bengali Art Literature Culture This book fair is held irrespective of the traditional religion caste of Bengali. But this book fair has been closed for several years. In this fair, books written about poets, writers, and common people. Poetry, literature, descriptions of the liberation war, books were available as excellent gifts for children in this book fair. In the spirit of the freedom fighter, the dramatists used to continuously highlight the dignity of all the martyrs. But today, this book fair has been closed for several years. Traditions are being lost, as well as thousands of cultural artists are being lost, from the minds of the new generation. Their songs brought back the way of life of the soldiers of the great liberation war at the time of independence. Today, their tradition has been lost from the minds of the new generation. Therefore, Manirampur Upazila Basir demands that the traditional book fair of Manirampur Upazila should be started again. Ministers and State Ministers of the Government of Bangladesh have attended this book fair several times. This book fair was inaugurated by the then freedom fighter State Minister, AB Tajul Islam. This Manirampur artist group announced from the stage that Manirampur people’s life demands to become an auditorium, today that auditorium has become Manirampur. Biren Shikder, Minister of State for Sports of the government at that time, also inaugurated the book fair, the heritage of the Bengali nation. On that day, Jessore 5 Manirampur’s leader of Gana Manush, Member of Parliament, Babu Swapan Bhattacharya, and Municipal Mayor Kazi Mahmudul Hasan, and the founder of Manirampur Artisan Group, Akumika Deb, also inaugurated the book fair. The leaders of the organization including Nath. Last in 2019, Honorable State Minister Swapan Bhattacharya, Member of Parliament of Jessore 5 Manirampur, was given the first reception from the stage of this Manirampur Shilpa Goshthi. Therefore, to revive the book fair of Manirampur, various circles have raised demands. Young generation and general. People’s demands Jessore 5 Manirampur’s masterpiece, the local government of Bangladesh State Minister for Rural Development, Swapan Bhattacharya, called on the Punarai Book Fair to be launched, the common people, including the Manirampur industrial group.

Even after 31 years of inhumane torture of minority families in Manirampur, there has been no justice. Md. Tahidul Islam, representative of Jessore :

Even after 31 years of inhuman torture on the minority family of Manirampur Rasulpur village, the victim family has been deprived of proper justice through an impartial investigation. The incident happened in Rasulpur village of Chaluahati union of the upazila. It is known from local sources and case sources that after the independence BNP government came to power, the then local BNP leader of Rasulpur village Shaheed Gangra minority and Awami League family indulged in a great festival of land grabbing. In continuation of that, Shahid Gang tried to occupy the house through inhuman and brutal torture on the mother of Suchitra, Bandhana, Tushar of the minority family of Rasulpur village. Even the cattle of the minority families were taken out and slaughtered in the yard and the beef scattered in various places including the residence of the minority violated the limit of cruelty. Suchand, Bandhana, Tushar’s father is forced to commit suicide, unable to bear the brutal torture of Shaheed Gong and the humiliation of the brutal torture of the minority wife. At that time, the victims’ families and locals did not dare to protest because the Shahid Gong forces were reckless in land grabbing and their political party, the BNP government, was in power. Because of this, the victimized minority family left their residence to save their lives and fled to other places. For a long time, Suchitra, Bandhana, Shishu Bhai Tushar are living on the streets. When asked about the local people, they claim that the incident is true. Besides, they also He said that because the victim’s family was a Hindu community and the accused were in power, no one could speak about them at that time. The victim’s family filed a complaint in various government departments to get back their ancestral home, but they did not get any success. Even after filing the complaint, the accused persons have been threatening to kill them several times. Even today, the orphan child is living in a neighboring village sheltered with his family. Even though the news was circulated in local and national daily newspapers and electronic media about the incident, there was no solution. The members of the minority family requested immediate intervention from the administration and the current government Prime Minister and Awami Chairperson Sheikh Hasina to get fair justice.

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